Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Review of World Without End

World Without End
Ken Follett
Audiobook read by John Lee
44 hours and 53 minutes long
Release Date: 09-25-2007

World Without End is the follow-up to Ken Follett's Pillars of the Earth although this book takes place 200 years later. The story is centered around the town of Kingsbridge. As in Pillars of the Earth, building is at the center of the story along with the priory, nobility, love, greed and mystery.

This was by far the longest audiobook I have listened to but well worth every minute. John Lee has such a beautiful voice that listening to him made the hours fly by. When I read Pillars of the Earth there was a lull at the half way point and thankfully I cannot say the same for World Without End.
I wish there was a third book that I could jump right into! I really cared for some of these characters. If you like historical fiction mixed with a bit of romance and a bit of mystery then this book is for you. I also highly recommend the audiobook, John Lee is fantastic.

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