Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Venetian Mask by Rosalind Laker

Advanced Reader Copy

The Venetian Mask is the story of two friends, Elena and Marietta who meet while at a school for orphaned girls, the Pieta. The story is about their strength as they face life without family only to rely on each other. They marry men from two families who have been rivaling for years and are forced to carry on their friendship behind their husbands' backs.

While I would not say this is the worst book I have read I would say it is not the best. I was not captivated by the story as I thought I would be from reading the description. The author focused on areas that I found to be insignificant to the story. It had more of a romance novel feel than that of historical fiction.

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nbbaker1102 said...

I read this book and reviewed for my friend over at The Written Word. I actually liked it and enjoyed the descriptions of Venice and Carnival a great deal.

It did take awhile to get interested, but I enjoyed the two main characters.

It definitely was a romance novel, of which I enjoy!