Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Sunday Salon

My apologies for being so late with this post. Not much going on today other than work. This is my busiest time at work from now until the second week of June. I will be working most weekends which I normally do not do so I will not have much time to read.

I did make progress this week on World Without End by Ken Follet. I have one part to go on the audio book. This was the longest audio book I have ever listened to but it has gone by so quickly. The stories are interesting and the reader is by far the best I have listened to. I am slowly making progress on Middlemarch for the group reads group over on Librarything.

I have not made any book purchases this week which makes me feel as though something is amiss in my life. I love to walk around book stores, I feel so comfortable among all of the shelves of unread books. Hopefully I will have some free time tomorrow night when I am out of town to do this.

I am still waiting my Early Reviewer copy of The Wednesday Sisters by Meg Waite Clayton. Hopefully this will come this week. I can't wait to read this one!

My book club selection this month is The Tea Rose. I am looking forward to this one as well. A few people have read it already and had great things to say about it. The last two months have not been very good as far as selections go. Last month was Honeymoon With My Brother which nobody enjoyed. Most of our group enjoys historical fiction which is right up my alley but there are a few who would rather read Danielle Steele which just does not appeal to me. How do other groups make their selections? Do you feel like some people really take time to research the book before the selection is made? I always research the book before making the selection. I want to make sure that it would be a book worthy of discussing. Others simply look online and select the shortest read which really annoys me. It may be a short read but not worth discussing.

Have a great week everyone! Happy reading!


wisteria said...

Your blog looks familiar, you should look at mine. (LOL) I noticed many of the books you have read in 2008 are books I own, or have read also. I absolutely loved Ahabs Wife. I read it several years ago. What did you think?
If I don't walk around a book store at least once a week I fee deprived. Happy reading to you too!

Terri said...

Greetings from teelgee (on LibraryThing) to rarcar1!

Have you read Year of Wonders by Geraldine Brooks? Looking at your list, I think you'd like it. Historical fiction about the plague in a small village - very well done, I thought. What did you think of Holy Fools? I have it on my shelf - have loved everything of hers I've read so far.

Hope your week goes well.

Anonymous said...

Like you I love browsing round bookshops, but do you know I spent yesterday looking for a copy of Aristotle's Poetics and couldn't find one. What sort of bookshop doesn't have a copy of Aristotle?

Kerrie said...

I loved Richard E Grant's reading of WORLD WITHOUT END.

Anonymous said...

Our book club has quite a system for picking books. One woman is assigned each month to bring in three suggestions. Then, at the meeting, we all vote on the one we would like to read the most. Majority, of course, wins.

We figure that way, each person can provide books she likes, but we all get some say in what we read.

jlshall said...

I think you're very brave taking on "World Without End," even in audio - it's such a huge work. Is your "early reviewer" book a LibraryThing book? I'm waiting for one of their April books, too - but I understand some people are still waiting for February and March shipments, so I'm not expecting it anytime soon!

Have fun with your reading and blogging!

My Journey Through Reading... said...

Wisteria - too funny. I listened to Ahab's Wife and thought it was ok, the reader's voice got on my nerves a bit. I do have the book and plan to read it again one of these days.

Terri - Hi, fancy meeting you here! I just went out and bought the Geraldine Brooks book so thank you for the recomendation. I enjoyed Holy Fools, she is a fantastic writer. I have Five Quarters of an Orange on my tbr pile.

Table Talk - I'm sorry they did not have what you were looking for.

Nbbaker - thanks for the suggestions. I'm going to suggest that to our group.

jlshall - World Without End is flying by. It really holds your interest. I highly recommend this one. Yes, my ER book is from Library Thing. It's an April book but I'm anxious to get it. I feel like a little kid going to the mailbox everyday.

Terri said...

I also loved Five Quarters... And Coastliners also by Harris. I'm looking forward to her new one too - Girl with No Shadow I think it's called.

Anonymous said...

I know the feeling (although not this week, I've been quite indulgent this week) about feeling that something is missing when not acquiring any new books. I never used to feel so empty about it before LibraryThing. In fact, even when I've bought/received new books within the last couple of days, sometimes reading the "What Came Into Your Home Today" thread makes me so jealous that I just want to get up and run to a bookstore! LT has increased by TBR pile exponentially, and my wishlist even more so!

My Journey Through Reading... said...

Devourerofbooks - LT has also increased my tbr list. I have read some great books based on suggestions too. Terri just gave me a great one, thanks Terri!

I love LT because I feel right at home with everyone. I don't have to explain why I am obsessed!

Anonymous said...

I too have heard great things about The Tea Rose and have it sitting on my bookshelve just waiting to be read!

dean said...


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LisaMM said...

I'm always really careful about the books I suggest to my book club, always do a lot of research online, but not everyone is like me :-) It works out though because any one of us can make suggestions and then we all vote.