Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sunday Salon

Good Sunday Morning! This week I managed to finish The Dangerous Joy of Dr. Sex and Other True Stories by Pagan Kennedy and really enjoyed it. My full review is below. Most of the stories were very inspiring and this was a welcome break from all of the fiction that I have been reading.

I am almost finished with Matrimony by Joshua Henkin. I hope to finish it today. Henkin has been gracious enough to offer a signed copy to giveaway so be sure to check back here in August for giveaway details.

Up next, The Fires by Alan Cheuse which is another book from Santa Fe Writers Project. I must start The Laws of Manu today, I must! I have been dragging my feet on starting this. I received it 3 weeks ago and only have 3 weeks to read and review it for Penguin Classics. It may take me 3 weeks to finish it!

While I was out of town this week my husband called me to inform me that our car was stolen from right in front of our house. Horrible! I felt so helpless being in another state while hearing this news but honestly what could I do here, drive around to look for my car? Unfortunately, my Ipod was in the car with 6 audiobooks loaded on it. I know, I should not have left it in the car and normally don't leave it in there but I was running late and honestly forgot about it. I know, my car was stolen and I'm complaining about my Ipod, sick, I can't help it! I also had 3 books in the car. Our insurance company said it will take 30 days to process the claim. This just sucks.

On another note, have you checked out the "Unsuggester" on Librarything? I had no idea about this feature until I read about it on koolaidmom's blog. Here are the top 10 books that Librarything does not see as a good fit based on the books listed in my library.

The new 'Mayflower' by Alan Villiers
The pleasures of God : meditations on God's delight in being God by John Piper
Benedict's way : an ancient monk's insights for a balanced life by Lonni Collins Pratt
The Purpose Driven Church: Growth Without Compromising Your Message & Mission by Rick Warren
Christian-theistic evidences (In defense of Biblical Christianity) by Cornelius Van Til
Brothers, we are not professionals : a plea to pastors for radical ministry by John Piper
The Radical Reformation (Cambridge Texts in the History of Political Thought) by Michael G. Baylor
The American College Encyclopedic Dictionary by Clarence Barnhart
The Passion of Jesus Christ: Fifty Reasons Why He Came to Die by John Piper
My Utmost for His Highest by Oswald Chambers

What are your "unsuggesters"?

It looks like it is going to be another stormy day here in Chicago. I plan on curling up with a good book until the Cubs game starts. Game 3 of the cross town classic, hopefully the Cubs will sweep the Sox today! I hope you have a great reading week!


LisaMM said...

Unsuggesters??? I haven't noticed that. I'm going to check it out right now!

Sorry about your car and iPod!!!

Your post reminded me.. I never received my Penguin Classic. I wonder what happened to it!

Anonymous said...

My unsuggesters, like yours, contained a disproportionate number of books about religion. What's going on here?

Linda Jacobs said...

Darn, losing any kind of book, audio or actual, bites! Oh, and the car, too!

thanks for visiting my blog and suggesting librarything. I've never been there.

Hope your Sox win! Actually, I hope my Sox (the Red ones!) win, too!

Literary Feline said...

How awful about your car and iPod being stolen!

The Unsuggester feature proved not so valid in my case--some of the titles mentioned surprised me, especially given that I would like to read some of the choices.

I hope you have a good week!

The Bookworm said...

I'm off to check the 'unsuggesters'...never heard of that before.
its a stormy day here too...and I stood inside and read a few chapters :)

sorry about your car!

My Journey Through Reading... said...

Thanks everyone. I feel worse about my books than I do about the car, isn't that sick? ha

Lindajacobs - you should check out LT especially if you love to read. Go Cubs not Sox! I'm a northsider. I hope your Sox win though.

Naida - very strange weather. It actually cleared up so I went to do some yard work and just when I was finishing up it poured with hail. I'm going to pour myself a glass of wine and go sit on my porch with my book now!

jessi said...

I'm sorry about your car. That does suck.

I have Pagan Kennedy's Confessions of a Memory Eater on my BookMooch wishlist. Have you read any of her fiction? It sounded interesting (a friend compared it to Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind), so I'm very excited about reading it.

tanabata said...

Oh that's too bad about your car, and your ipod. I'd probably feel worse about losing the books too, as bad as that sounds. Hope the paperwork isn't too painful.

My Journey Through Reading... said...

Jessi - I haven't read any of her fiction but now have it on my wishlist. I'll get to it one of these days.

Tanabata - not too bad!

Unknown said...

i feel bad for your lost