Monday, June 2, 2008

Sunday Salon

Hi Everyone, I apologize for missing my Sunday Salon post yesterday. I am in New Orleans for work and did not have a chance to post. It is hot and humid here this week with record temps reaching 90 degrees and 50-60% humidity. When I left Chicago it was in the 50s so I was not used to this humidity and heat.

I started reading Songs for the Missing by Stewart O'Nan on the plane and haven't picked it up since Friday because of work. I am hoping tonight will be an early night and I'll be able to read . This is my last big trip for a while (thank god!). I will be traveling but not gone for 6-7 days at a time.

My husband told me that my Penguin Classic, The Laws of Manu arrived on Friday so I will be starting that when I get home. I have six weeks to read and review this on the Penguin Classic blog. There are two other packages waiting for me at home, yay!

That's it for this week. I hope to be back next week well rested and back to reading. Have a great reading week!


Anonymous said...

If it makes you feel any better, you'd probably be in shock over the change of weather in Chicago, too. It is around 80 here now. Not humid yet, thankfully, although Friday was a bit. It seems we may have finally moved past late winter/early spring now that it is June!

The Bookworm said...

Hi, wow New Orleans. Enjoy your trip.
Have fun reading :o)

My Journey Through Reading... said...

Devourer - It feels so hot here because when I left Chicago it was still cold. I am not used to this heat yet! We need to gradually work our way into the 90s.

Naida - yes, I am here for work and am having a great time. This is a great food city, I think I have gained 10 pounds already! Hopefully tomorrow we will get to do some fun things besides eat!

Amy said...

My Penguin book came as well, and I have to admit when I saw the ship on the cover I mentally scolded myself for being a sucker for any and all free books.

samantha.1020 said...

Summer is finally here, huh? Enjoy your books!