Monday, June 30, 2008

Literature Map

I saw this fun site on Librarything today and thought I would post on it. You type in your favorite author's name and it aligns authors who are similar. How fun! Here's an example, I typed in Jane Austen and it mapped up to Harper Lee, Tolstoy, Maeve Binchy, C.S. Lewis, Charlotte Bronte, Edith Wharton and Charles Dickens to name a few. Give it a try!


Jessica (The Bluestocking Society) said...

Thanks for the hint. LibraryThing rocks. I played with the website for a while. It's kind of fun to see how my favorite authors relate to other authors I read.
-Jessica @

The Bookworm said...

thanks for the link :o) I'm off to check it out.

My Journey Through Reading... said...

thebluestockingsociety - it was fun to play around with it. Although I thought a few of the authors compared to my favorites did not belong but what do i know? Ha Oh yeah, I love LT. I am addicted to it. That's probably what is sucking up my reading time!

Naida - thanks for stopping by!

Jeane said...

That was interesting! I typed in a few well-known authors first (Orson Scott Card, Richard Adams) and the screen was crowded. I typed in a lesser-know favorite author of mine (Clare Bell) and only four other authors came up on the map. Very lonely. I guess no one else knows of her. I'm going to have to review her books soon!

Anonymous said...

LT has added a lot of neat new features recently (don't know if the "literature map" is new, I didn't notice it before!)

I love the new look of the home page, especially with the colorful band of "recently added" book covers across the middle of the page -- brighter but not too "cartoon"-y

My Journey Through Reading... said...

jeane - I noticed quite a few authors who I really never thought were similar to some of my favorites.

sheistoofondofbooks - I am still getting used to the new look on LT. Many of the features are great but it seems to take a bit longer for my pages to load. Have you noticed that?