Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sunday Salon

Good Sunday Morning! I managed to finish one book this week, Matrimony by Joshua Henkin. It was a quick read and very reminiscent of my college years. Last night I started White Mary and was immediately drawn in. So far it is fantastic and will probably make it to my top 5 reads of 2008 along with The Gargoyle.

I also started The Watercooler Effect yesterday which is a study of the psychology of rumors. So far it is very interesting. My only complaint is that it is a bound manuscript so the text is very small making it very difficult to read but I'll get past that, hey it was free!

Congratulations to all of the 24 hour read-a-thon participants! I wish I would have found out about it sooner, I would have loved to participate. Although I am not sure how my husband would react to me reading for 24 hours straight!

Unfortunately, this week will not be a great reading week. I have neglected laundry and housework long enough and really need to take care of that today. This week we are having 3 barbecues, yes, I know crazy! This has become an annual event over the 4th of July. Our town has a festival that we can walk to with live music and a beer garden so we usually bbq here and then walk over to the fest. I did take two vacation days this coming week so hopefully I will sneak some reading in somewhere!

That's it folks, I hope you have a great reading week!


Anonymous said...

Hi Erin! I have The White Mary but haven't started it yet. Glad to hear how much you like it!

Have a happy 4th! Wish we had live music and a beer garden to walk to.. how fun!

The Bookworm said...

Happy reading & enjoy your b-b-q's.

Linda Jacobs said...

It's always fun to do things like that but then I feel torn about having to give up reading time, too. Sometimes it's hard to find a happy medium.

Anyway, enjoy!

Anonymous said...

I've heard of The Watercooler Effect, I think. I look forward to hearing your thoughts as well on it.

I'll let you know tomorrow about what I thought of Bel Canto (nothing like leaving people hanging) with as little spoilers as possible, since you haven't read it yet.

Terri said...

Ooo that rumor book sounds interesting.

Have a safe and fun holiday week. The 4th sounds like a lot of fun. Love bbq!

My Journey Through Reading... said...

lisamm - thanks, I hope to finish it tonight.

Naida - thanks!

linda jacobs - it's only once a year that we have this chaos but it's fun. I'll try to sneak some "me" time in.

justareadingfool - can't wait to read your review!

Terri - so far so good. It's interesting to learn why we fall victim to rumors. Remember all of the rumors flying around with 9/11 and Y2K? The print is so small that I can only read a few pages at a time and that's with my glasses on!

Amy said...

I also have the White Mary but haven't had a chance to read it, yet. I have to say after reading for 24 hours and only finishing 5 books, that I'm a bit bummed! Not enough time to read in life, I say!

tanabata said...

I'll come back and read your review of Matrimony once I'm done. I'm not too far into it yet but enjoying it so far. Have fun at your barbeques this week.

My Journey Through Reading... said...

Amy - congratulations for participating in the read-a-thon. I really wanted to but had 3 parties to go to. 5 books is a great accomplishment.

Tanabata - thanks!